David Boas

Biomedical Engineering
Boston University
Office: Kilachand Center, Room 804
610 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston MA
(617) 358-1709

Dr. David Boas started the Optics Division of the Martinos Center in 1998. His initial focus was to use optical methods to better understand the fMRI BOLD signal. He advanced non-invasive fNIRS to perform simultaneous fMRI and fNIRS studies to accomplish this goal in humans. In parallel, he developed several invasive optical microscopy methods to study neuro-vascular coupling in rodent models, ultimately permitting measurements of oxygen and blood flow at the single capillary level. Bringing together all of these measurements, he lead the development of a microscopic model of the fMRI BOLD signal originating from a single voxel. With a BRAIN Initiative R01, this model is now being utilized to improve the quantitative interpretation of BOLD to ultimately related the signals to excitatory and inhibitory neuronal activity.

From 1998 to 2017, Dr. Boas grew the Optics Division to a group of 7 faculty and 20 research fellows, students, and research assistants.

In July 2017, Dr. Boas moved to Boston University to launch the Neurophotonics Center. He maintains an affiliate position at MGH and continues his research collaborations within the center.