Open Source – FlexNIRS

We made the best NIRS cerebral oximeter and we are happy to share it with you for your research applications!!!

You can watch a short video about the FlexNIRS here

We are happy to share the basic circuit drawings, and 3D printing files with researchers. These details are available under formal request from non-profit institutions.

We are also sharing devices and software with researchers under a service contract with MGH.

The cost of each FlexNIRS is $600, the cost for the android app to drive visualize and collect data is $600, and can be installed in as many tablets (not included) as needed.

If interested please contact Dr. Franceschini for more information.

You can learn more about the FlexNIRS by reading the publication:

Kuan-Cheng Wu, Davide Tamborini, Marco Renna, Adriano Peruch, Yujing Huang, Alyssa Martin, Kutlu Kaya, Zachary Starkweather, Alexander I. Zavriyev, Stefan A. Carp, David H. Salat, Maria Angela Franceschini, Open-source FlexNIRS: A low-cost, wireless and wearable cerebral health tracker. NeuroImage, Volume 256, 2022, 119216, ISSN 1053-8119,