DCS measure of intracranial pressure

With DCS I have demonstrated, for the first time, our ability to optically measure the cerebral vascular critical closing pressure (CrCP) and intracranial pressure (ICP).  I am conducting several pilot projects to validate the method and demonstrate initial clinical utility in  patients in critical conditions.

Patent Applications WO 2016164891 & WO2016164894

Modeling of ICP and CrCP
Using a small animal model we are developing models to best recover ICP from pulsatile blood flow.

Pilot clinical studies in the Neuro-ICU
Together with Dr. Eric Rosental at MGH and Drs. Henrikas Viatkevicius and Faheem Sheriff at BWH we are investigating the initial clinical utility of DCS CrCP and CBF on providing guidance on the maintenance of cerebral autoregulation for patients in the neuro-intensive care unit.